Beefs between French Rappers

List of significant beefs between French rappers:

  • Booba vs Rohff (since 2003)
    April 2014: On Facebook, Rohff made fun  of a video clip recently uploaded on Youtube by Booba. Booba answered on Instagram telling him to act like a real gangster and to meet him in Paris. Several hours later, Rohff went in Unkut (store of Booba) and started a fight with 10 of his fans against a young employee.
  • Booba vs Sinik (2007-2008)
    The clash between Booba and Sinik started in January 2007.  Booba made a song with lyrics that were referring to Sinik. Sinik answered a short time after. Booba made another song and the clash ended. The winner of the clash seems to be Booba since he still active in the game.
    Booba – Le D.U.C.
    Sinik – L’Homme à abattre (The Man to kill)
    Booba – Pink card
  • Booba vs Kaaris (since 2014)
    Booba and Kaaris made several songs together. Kaaris became popular after the song “Kalash”. Several months later, Kaaris made a freestyle on the radio. Some sentences could sound like a clash. Several hours later, Booba posted a picture on Instagram with a comment telling him to go back to his rat hole. The beef seems to have started a while before with the beatmaker of Kaaris (Therapy) who used to work with Booba as well. Kaaris was produced by Therapy. This relationship may have had an impact on the beef between Kaaris and Booba.
  • Booba vs La Fouine, Rohff and TLF (since 2012)
  • La Fouine vs Kamelancien
  • La Fouine vs Tunisiano
  • MC Jean Gab’1 vs Mafia K’1 Fry
  • Jacky Brown vs Lord Kossity

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