French Rap

French Rap is the rap music style which was developed in French-speaking countries.

Through the 90s, French Rap grew to become one of the most popular genres in France:

  • IAM released “L’école du Micro d’Argent” sold more than 1 million discs (1997)
  • NTM released “Suprême NTM” and sold more than 700,000 discs (1998)

In the 2000s, similar to developments in the USA, a gap has begun to emerge in French rap between artists seen as having sold out, belonging to the mainstream, and more innovative independent artists:

  • 113
  • Rohff
  • La Rumeur
  • LIM
  • Lunatic (Booba and Ali)
  • Dicidens
  • Lino
  • Kamelancien
  • L’Skadrille
  • Le 3ème Œil

French Rap has also been political in its history as well. Historically, France adopted a series of hostile policy against immigrant families.

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